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Keyboard Products KPB3 Portable Hammond Organ

Here we hope to document some of the amazing instruments that Bill Beer developed and produced. We will add as much or as little information as the owner is comfortable with. Please contact to add an instrument or give us a lead for our registry.
DateBuilt for:CommentsLayout/modsSamples
1971Ray Manzarek
(The Doors)
SN: 0088. A great early Bill Beer conversion. Reportedly of Ray Manzarek's 1957 Hammond C3 which was bought by John and Robby as a gift to Ray and used on the LA Woman album. Inverted front control rail. Trem speed switch, Start/Run, jewel power light.
1971Gregg Rolie
Great early style MKI. Reportedly one of the first Beer conversions. Percussion 1X, pitch controls, ??
197?Bill Payne
(Little Feat)
Early model MKI, recently auctioned on eBay. Many differences between this model and other early models. Including an inverted namerail used as a front rail panel, a Leslie style speed switch with slot and bent metal mounting, no rear output panel.XLR, switch, space, knob, custom speed switch, start/run
1972Tom Coster
Can go from traditional to Far Out with the turn of a knob. Not know if it still exists as it was, or if it was further modded and turned into the later Santana organ.2x Percussion 1x, ++
1973Jefferson AirplaneSN: 0057. An organ with history. Reportedly built for Jefferson Airplane in 1973. The serial, and design look earlier. The control box for the Pitch feature has a Frank Zappa company (ICA LTD) logo on it. Pitch Control, Vol, Bass Treb, Maestro Bass Brassmaster Fuzz circuit, 2 Percussion 1X modules.
1974Dick Sims
(Eric Clapton)
This organ is a piece of history. Built for Dick Sims and used from his time with Eric Clapton - until his passing. Truly historic. Currently curated by the
Oklahoma History Center
Percussion 1X, upper manual wah circuit, Bass mods, other x 6
1974???SN: 0142. This organ was offered for sale by an online Hammond store. No word on where it ended up.1 space, 2 knob controls, pilot light, start/run only. 2 Leslie out, pitch jumper, 4x 1/4" jacks.NA
1974Roy BittanA converted B2 with add on KP Percussion/11 controls. Black Rail. Red Speed Switch (short panel), Start/Run
1978Christine McVie
(Fleetwood Mac)
Super organ for a super dedicated player. Also uses the KP180 LeslieAux in, Pitch controller
1984Richard Wright
(Pink Floyd)
An amazingly expressive organ. It can be heard on Pink Floyd live albums and is still in use today.Volume, Bass, Treble, Percussion, Aux Input, Reverb. Trem Speed indicator lights. Outboard pitch controller.
198?Chester Thompson
A Great Sounding organ with an list of mods. Center rail is chopped. Not known if this is the Tom Coster used model with mods.Bass Filter, Upper/Lower manual controls.

Keyboard Products KP180 KP200 High Powered Leslie Speakers

197?Huge beast of an amplifier built for the amazing Christine McVie. Earliest model documented. Large right mounted heatsink, with transformer and Caps on left side. Completely different connector scheme.
1973One of the earliest models of KP180 that has yet been documented. Converted 122 cabinet, JBL 2482 horn driver, JBL D140 Bass driver. 4 Vertical heatsinks. 2 relays and control boards, for stop/slow/fast feature.
1973Another of the earliest, as they came in a set. Built at the same time for the same customer.Converted 142/145 cabinet, JBL 2482 horn driver, JBL D140 Bass driver. 4 Vertical heatsinks. 2 relays and control boards, for stop/slow/fast feature.
1974The match to the 1974 KPB3 (0142) listed in the portable section.JBL 2482 horn driver, JBL D140F bass driver.
1976-7A solid state KP200 owned by KON. Updated Switching PCB.
1977-9A Great amp, owned by a great friend and KP fan. Newly updated Input/filter PCB with no input transformer.
1979Spotted on eBay a while back. This is the latest model documented with the individual PCB's and 4 heatsinks. Updated PWR AMP PCB's, PCB placement changed. PCB's flipped to trace side down. Heatsinks mounted horizontally.
???KP-180-122. Late model with 2 Horizontal heat-sinks. Single large PCB with integrated design. (PWR amp x 2, filter, switching, relay. Large Paper KP logo. Small white Brake & Tone switch labels.
1982KP-180-122. One of the later design KP amplifiers.2 Horizontal Heatsinks. Large paper logo label. JBL 2482 horn driver, JBL K140 bass driver. Brake & tone switches.
1982-83Late model KP-180-122. Found on an online Organ Forum.Blue PCB variant.
???KP-180-122. Late model. Small Metal logo Badge, Paper label for In, Out, Controls & Switches.
???Latest model documented. Many changes from previous.Small metal logo badge. Paper control label. Square fuse holder. Pigtail Organ connector, no Leslie plug built in.