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We may be able to help you with service on your vintage Bill Beer Keyboard Products organ or Leslie. The term is may because there are a few different models and we have not yet had access to all of them yet. Our goal is to be able to provide service for ALL of these products. But for this to happen, we will need your help.

We are currently putting together a Bill Beer Keyboard Products owners registry. We hope to document some of these amazing custom instruments, and the people who played them. The longer time passes from this very day, the less information we may be able to document. Not too long from now, if we don’t gather this information, it may be gone forever. Sadly there is much mystery surrounding these great instruments and we hope to shed a little light on the subject. I say a little light, not necessarily a big flood light. It seems that this secrecy and mystery has added some mystique to these instruments. At the same time, it has scared many people away. This mystery concerning specifics of how the organ was built or customized seems to have seeped over into ownership itself. Where some owners do not even like to admit that they even HAVE one of these rare organs, let alone talk about it on record.

One of the missions of this “Keyboard Projects” project is to show people some of Mr. Beers groundbreaking work, and how many of what we consider to be classic Hammond organ sounds were actually produced by these instruments. I hope any current owners will join me on this mission and share as much or little information with our registry as possible. Long live the KING of Hammond customs. Long live the legacy of Bill Beer’s Keyboard Products.

Please contact us if you need service on ANY of the Bill Beer Keyboard Products models. Or even if you simply OWN a Bill Beer Keyboard Products organ or Leslie.

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