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Please let us know is you have any questions or would like to find out more about a service or repair for your particular instrument. We can handle anything from action issues to the custom built keyboard rig of your dreams.

Some of these services include circuit board duplication, or customization. We offer this because sometimes you just can’t find a replacement board. You may want to try out a different update or retro fit for your instrument. For example we built a Farfisa Compact Duo MKII preamp board for a Farfisa Compact MKI owner who wanted the later preamp sound. The customer was extremely happy with the results.

Contact us with special requests and see what Keyboard Projects can do for you.

contact keyboard projects example custom farfisa duo MKII preamp in MKI

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If you have sent contact and have not gotten a response, please try mailing us directly at info (at) keyboardprojects (dot) com