About Keyboard Projects

About Keyboard Projects.

Who or what is Keyboard Projects?

Keyboard Projects is a company dedicated to the preservation and improvement of vintage keyboards. Here is a little more about Keyboard Projects. We will do whatever is possible to bring you beloved vintage keyboard back to life with service, repairs or even ground up restorations if necessary. We will not try to sell you something that you don’t need. We don’t believe in “snake oil” and we won’t sell it. We will go the extra mile to give you your instrument AS YOU WANT IT. Unless it is something just crazy, like removing the key frame out of a mint Vox Jaguar, and adding a set of hack sawed Wurlitzer 200 keys. I’m sure I will catch flack from other mod guys about being so blunt, but have too much respect for each instrument to do that.

We will do whatever is necessary to resolve whatever issues your keyboard may have. “Issues” being a wide ranging generalization that can span anything from “sticky action” or “it just doesn’t feel right” all the way to “it fell from the back of a moving truck, and then burst into flames”. Of coarse, results may be proportional to condition in extreme cases. We can’t always work miracles…only most of the time.

We are willing to help you on your hunt for tonal brilliance (or dullness as the case may be), we will do whatever research is necessary to get YOUR SOUND. Tone chasing can get pricey, especially when it is a non standard sound of an instrument. When trying to translate the sound in your head or some other ethereal, non measurable tone… it can be hard.

Where is Keyboard Projects located?

We are located in beautiful Ravenna Ohio. It would be considered NE, or north east Ohio. We are just down the road from Kent State University, and just down the highway from Akron and Cleveland. We did not necessarily choose this place to open a keyboard repair business, seeing as it is not New York or LA. More that being in this place, the business sort of chose us. When a keyboard player friend, tells another keyboard player, who tells another keyboard player who is now dropping of keyboards for repair… it may be time to hang a shingle. Tell your friends with vintage keyboards about Keyboard Projects. They will be glad you did.

What keyboards does Keyboard Projects work on?

We work on what we consider to be the classics. Fender Rhodes, WurliTzer, RMI (yes RMI), Hammonds. Combo (transistor) organs in general, like the Vox Continental, Jaguar and Super Continental, even a Baroque if it came in. Farfisa’s with a special devotion to the Compact series (Duo MKI/MKII, Deluxe, Combo, Mini). Gibson G101 and Kalamazoo K101. Even Rheem, Panther and other variations there-of. You get the picture, combo organs- check!

We tend to shy away from digital boards, as they can just be too finicky and require a completely different protocol for repairs that vintage stuff with BIG components. Although we have worked on a few Kurzweil’s with between great and mixed results. It all depends on the case in front of us.

Analog (or even Analogue) synths are not our current specialty. But we will be willing expand into them if it is what people need. We will gladly check them out to see what’s going on, and work towards a solution, but we haven’t done a dozen+ MiniMoogs or ARP 2600’s. At least not yet…

How long has Keyboard Projects been repairing keyboards?

Over 20 years. This whole business started as me trying to keep up with my own ridiculous vintage keyboard collection. Over 20 years of tearing these things apart has lead to a sort of understanding of “what” makes “what” happen. That and countless hours of study and research on the particulars. Each piece is it’s own beast, and even 2 or 3 of the supposedly exact same model instrument will (most likely) have their own variations. These idiosyncrasies combined with their “quality of life” for the past sometimes 50+ years, can obviously help make each instrument unique.

When I was first starting out in repairing keyboards, I asked a more aged tech, who had been working on these things most of his life how a particular circuit in a Farfisa Compact Combo worked. He got a serious look in his eye and responded “FM, it’s all FM” I paused and puzzled, I tried to think how radio stations or Frequency Modulation had anything to do with this voodoo. He saw my grief and with a deadpan face stated “F**kin’ Magic, it’s all just F**kin’ Magic”. So even now after all of my research and projects, I still think he was onto something… because it really is Magic when you think about it.




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