• Restorations & Custom Builds

    On-Stage with Keyboard Projects. Here is a Rhodes full restoration and a Keyboard Projects KPB3 custom built portable Hammond organ.

  • Wurlitzer 200 & 200A

    We specialize in Wurlitzer electronic piano service and repairs. From uncomfortable action or noisy amplifier, all the way to ground up rebuilds.

  • Keyboard Projects "KPB3"

    Keyboard Projects builds custom "clone" KPB3 Hammond portable organs in the "Bill Beer" tradition. We offer a list of customizations and "mods" for any style.


  • Custom Shop

    Keyboard Projects can build you the custom keyboard of your dreams. Shown here is a customer requested Mellotron style Midi controller.

Keyboard Projects: For your vintage keyboard needs.

We are “keyboard extremists” offering vintage keyboard service, repairs, restoration and custom builds. Keyboard Projects can handle special requests and modifications.


Service and maintenance will keep your vintage organ or piano playing properly. Things like action regulation and tuning are services that should be performed up to keep your vintage keyboard feeling and sounding properly.

Repairs can bring new life and enjoyment to playing your vintage keyboard. Repairs like quieting a noisy pre-amp or fixing a note playing in the wrong octave of a combo organ will make you want to play that instrument even more.

Restoration can bring a beat up or half dead instrument back to center stage. Things like new tolex and corners can change how you (and others) feel about your instrument and can make an ugly duckling the centerpiece of your studio or stage rig.

Custom builds can be anything you have ever wanted or needed in a keyboard rig. This covers a wide range of services. From duplicating a circuit board or missing panel all the way to creating the custom built keyboard rig of your dreams. If you can think it; chances are Keyboard Projects can build it.


We look forward to serving your vintage keyboard needs.

We specialize in electric pianos, combo organs and Hammond Organs. Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, Rhodes, RMI, Farfisa, Vox, Gibson Kalamazoo, Combo and transistor organs in general.

We handle Hammond organ service, repairs and customization. This including support for Bill Beer, Keyboard Products portable Hammond organ owners.

Check our KPB3 page to find out more about our support for current Bill Beer and Keyboard Products owners.

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